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Mask Seal

Mask Seal: Not getting the proper seal from your dive mask can be real annoying and can be on-safe when diving! This product may just be the thing you need to start really enjoying your dives. All-purpose sealant stops mask leaks, excellent for mustaches and other facial hear. Petroleum based products can actually damage mask skirts whereas the silicone mask seal clear formula will not harm silicone, rubber or PVC mask skirts. Applying the gel directly to the moustache will help to create a better seal. The twist up container contains 0.14 oz. (4 g) of mask seal. Mask Seal is a great item for your save-a-dive kit. Mask Seal Features Mask Seal Increases Mask Sealing Ability Makes Diving More Enjoyable Works Great with Facial Hair Great Item for Save-A-Dive Kit Resalable Lip Balm Type Dispenser Silicone Base: Won't Harm Silicone, Rubber or PVC Mask Skirts Apply Directly On Mask Skirt or Facial Hair Content: 0.14 oz. (4 g)

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