Penetrator T300 Carbon Blades
Penetrator T300 Carbon Blades

Penetrator T300 Carbon Blades

The Penetrator T300 Carbon Blades are engineered with the latest technology. They set the benchmark for high-performance fins, combining strength and flexibility for unmatched diving experiences. With identical profiles to their composite counterparts, these fins boast a 72cm working blade length and a 25-degree toe angle, ideal for efficient surface kicking. Remarkably lightweight at just 325 grams, they feature wide water channeling rails, reducing fatigue and oxygen consumption for divers seeking peak performance.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Penetrator Carbon Fiber blades are reinforced with Kevlar 49 multi-axial reinforcement at the tip, offering unparalleled chip and crack resistance. This unique system enhances impact resistance while preserving blade flexibility, ensuring longevity and reliability in the water.

Each fin blade undergoes meticulous CNC machining to achieve precision to within .01mm. Penetrator's proprietary rubber water rail is then meticulously applied using cyanoacrylate adhesive in purpose-built pneumatic clamping jigs, guaranteeing optimal performance and durability.

Graphic logos are seamlessly integrated into the fin during the manufacturing process using hard-wearing epoxy inks or In-Mould Labelling (IML) techniques. Digitally printed onto lightweight media, these logos enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fins while maintaining their structural integrity.

The Penetrator T300 Carbon Blades dimensions are as follows:

  • Working blade length: 72cm (28.34")
  • Insert length: 14cm (5.51")
  • Blade width: 19cm (7.48")
  • Angle to foot pocket: 25 degrees
  • Carbon Naked medium weight: 240g (8.46 oz)
  • Carbon Naked soft weight: 215g (7.58 oz)

(Note: Foot pockets sold separately)

Choose the appropriate stiffness based on your weight:

  • Extra Soft: Ideal for divers weighing 60kg/132lbs to 75kg/165lbs.
  • Soft: Suitable for divers weighing 75kg/132lbs to 92kg/203lbs.
  • Medium: Recommended for divers over 92kg/203lbs.

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