Reef Spearfishing Certification Course

Reef Spearfishing Certification Course


Florida Freedivers is proud to offer our newest course - Reef Spearfishing. This course is designed to jump start you into the exciting world of spearfishing. Learn from our seasoned team of divers and spearfisherman the skills and techniques to make you an effective underwater hunter.

The Reef Spearfishing Course is geared more towards structure and terrain hunting. Detailed training in slings, pole spears, lobstering and reef fish behavior and hunting techniques.

Whether you are a seasoned underwater hunter or just getting into the sport, you will leave this course with the skills necessary to be a more successful, safe, observant and ethically-sound hunter.

Is this course for you?

  • You’re interested in learning the fundamental techniques of spearfishing
  • You’re new to spearfishing
  • You've spearfished before, but want to extend your capabilities
  • You want to spear more fish


  • 1 Day course
  • Classroom session
  • Pool session

Course Prerequisites

  • Completion of a prior Freediver course (Freediver or L1 Freediving)
  • Good health and fitness
  • 10 years of age with guardian permission

Required Equipment:

  • Mask, snorkel, fins, preferable freediving specific but not required
  • Appropriate wetsuit or other protection
  • Weight belt and weights

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