Seac Fuga Dive/ Snorkel Fins

Seac Fuga Dive/ Snorkel Fins

The Seac Fuga diving fins are crafted from high-modulus technopolymer, engineered to withstand the demands of underwater exploration. Their innovative design includes water conveyors and external ribs, enhancing performance and durability in various aquatic environments. Whether navigating currents or exploring reefs, these fins ensure optimal propulsion and stability for an exceptional diving experience.

The SEAC Fuga fin is versatile and accommodating, tailored to meet a multitude of needs to beginners and seasoned divers alike.

Featuring a soft rubber foot pocket, the SEAC Fuga ensures a comfortable and snug fit, gently enveloping your foot for optimal comfort. The durable blade is engineered to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration while maximizing propulsion efficiency.

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