Customer Records

Customer Record Rules:

- Open to spearguns, polespears, and slings. 

- Open to all legally harvestable species with no minimum weight as long as all State and Federal size and bag limit regulations are strictly adhered to.

- Records must be weighed and submitted in person on the Florida Freedivers scale which will be located at the Florida Freedivers retail location at 633 Northlake Blvd.


Customer Fish Weight  Date
Alli Penovich Dog Snapper 11.4lbs 4/7/19
Chris Flack Mutton Snapper 14.5lbs 6/7/19



Customer Fish Weight  Date
Nick Bailey Black Grouper 42.7lbs 5/6/19
Jason Fraser Mutton Snapper 11.0lbs 5/6/19
Nick Bailey Cubera Snapper 18.2lbs 6/23/19
Daulton Pearson Yellowmouth Grouper 11.32lbs 12/15/19


Remember to always dive safe, with a buddy, and follow all rules and regulations. Happy diving!

Submitting a record? Click here for application.